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How did I become an anarchist – Best Bits

Kurt is interviewed by Jeff Berwick on Anarchast, and is asked Jeff’s favourite question, “How did you become an anarchist?” Kurt explains how he put the pieces of liberty together – understanding social or personal liberty, understanding economic liberty, understanding the philosophical and legal aspects, and finally having the “click”, realising that a state is unnecessary and undesirable.

Watch and listen to the full interview here: Kurt on Anarchast – Living Freely and Enjoying the Ride

Best Bits – Nobody comes into this life with a manual

Nobody comes into this life with a manual… That’s why it’s so amazing when we do something right.

Watch and listen to the full episode here: The Paradise Paradox on Anarchast


The other thing I was going to
include in my rant was, well, go easy on
yourself. Don’t be so hard like – nobody comes into this life with
a manual or a guidebook. We don’t
know exactly what we’re doing you know
If we get lucky we have somebody
who gives us a few little words of
advice. But the thing is, we’re going to
make mistakes and we make these small
mistakes or big mistakes and these small
mistakes which which seem like huge
mistakes from our perspective. But when
we do something right – and it doesn’t
even have to be completely right it can
just be – you know – just, just a
small thing that we do right, it is a
miracle. It is amazing. You know against
all odds that we that we do something
good for others. So that’s that’s all I wanted to say.

Episode 77 – Jeff Berwick: The Dollar Vigilante

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The Story:

I asked Jeff Berwick if he thought the global financial system was going to get worse by the end of 2015. His response: “I actually expect it to get worse. If it doesn’t, 2016 is going to be a bloodbath.”

Jeff Berwick has been an entrepreneur for many years, with one of his first businesses, stockhouse.com, eventually selling for millions of dollars. Now he lives in sunny Acapulco with his family, enjoying the Mexican lifestyle and running several businesses, including the alternative financial media outlet The Dollar Vigilante. In 2010, Berwick predicted that the US dollar would collapse within 5-10 years, and we’re now entering that period.

Berwick gained some more notoriety in August 2015, when he started releasing a series of videos predicting a global financial crisis similar to that of 2007, based around the infamous “seven year cycle” – well-known on Wall Street – in conjunction with the Hebrew calendar. His claim was that the seven year cycle of crashes normally falls into alignment with this ancient calendar. In the following months, there were stockmarket crashes in the US, China, and Australia, though they haven’t yet fallen with the force that many were expecting. Is it possible that the attention from Jeff’s videos and Jonathan Cahn’s book “The Harbinger
caused the global elite to alter their plans?

I ask Jeff about that in this interview, as well as questions about how Bitcoin might improve the economy for impoverished communities in Latin America, how people from all over the world appreciate the freedom in Mexico, about a potential collapse in 2016, and about his experiences with shamanic medicine such as ayahuasca and iboga. Join us in another bank-running, dollar-collapsing, soul-rattling journey in this episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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