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The Mystery in the Glitches in the Matrix – Episode 171

The Story: Slip ups in our universe simulation

When many educated people in developed nations hear about an unusual event, something paranormal, supernatural or just plain weird, will always say “I’m sure there’s a simple, rational explanation.” And for most events, there are simple rational explanations. However, if you examine evidence of weird situations, sooner or later you will find something that you cannot explain.

Redditors on the Glitch in the Matrix subreddit like to share and analyse many such cases, thinking about odd occasions where it seems that someone stepped into another reality, or when time skipped, going forward or backward an hour, when someone dreamt exactly what would happen, or even where a person got caught up in a scenario where they almost certainly would die – only to find themselves instantly transported to a safe place kilometres away, in a phenomenon known as “quantum teleportation”.

After reading hundreds of these stories, it would be difficult for even the most hardcore skeptic to say that there’s always “a rational explanation”. It seems that maybe, we don’t live in a sensible, rational universe. Maybe, this universe is more incomprehensible than we imagined, a mysterious place where little miracles happen every day.

Kurt explores these bizarre cases, and even more bizarre cases, in another reality-defying episode of… The Paradise Paradox!

The Eps:

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