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Don’t Waste Your Wonder – Episode 163

The Story: How to have a free mind and use your sense of wonder

Many people seek to hold and to defend a belief in a material or even mechanical universe. A belief in God or anything supernatural or paranormal is considered just a superstition, and to believe in those things, to those people, seems more like a delusion than a rational exploration. We know that if a cult tells you that their way is the only way to salvation – the only way to the truth – such an organisation is probably not interested in an honest pursuit of truth. Yet, when believers in science or scientism make similar statements, many accept them. If we are really interested in finding out more about reality, shouldn’t we be willing to explore ideas?

In this episode, Kurt takes a trip to Guanajuato and reflects on hardcore skeptics, atheism, the exploration of ideas and belief systems, miracles, and how people can use their sense of wonder to enrich their lives. Join us on another paradigm-shattering episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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Leandrew Dixon – Believer to Atheist to Wonderer

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Hegelian Dialectic

Reticular activating system

Confirmation bias

Cognitive Dissonance

Filter bubble

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