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Episode 61 – Hidden Forest Secret Garden

The Episode:

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The Story:

Walking or driving through your own city, you may have lived there for years, but it’s possible that your city holds secrets which you have no awareness of. Turn down the wrong street one day, and find yourself in some place exciting, or dangerous. Everything looks familiar, but everything looks a little strange. What mysteries are waiting for you, hiding within your own city, tucked away behind a facade, obscured from view by just the right wall or hill?

In th is episode we recount the tale of how we came to know the secret forest of Guadalajara, Colomos III, a garden of pedagogy maintained and improved by a horizontal organisation of volunteers, putting in all their effort to keep a slice of paradise tucked away in the city, winning the community’s attention and warding off the corrupt government, which is constantly trying to unjustly acquire and sell off the forest to cunning property developers.

What medicinal herbs can you find there? What is the value of the forest that the people living around it don’t yet understand? Who are those strange men who set up makeshift temples there after midnight? We ask all these questions and more, on the next thrilling chapter of … the Paradise Paradox!

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