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Episode 97 – Surviving A Bus Crash

The Episode:

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The Story:

In this episode Kurt and Aaron are talking about their recent personal events since leaving Anarchapulco, the largest Anarchist-Capitalist conference in Acapulco, Mexico. On the return trip home from the conference, Kurt was involved in a serious bus accident, where his bus collided with a semitrailer. On impact Kurt’s forehead was split on the seat in front and he awoke to gashing blood from his head. Thinking that this could be the end, Kurt was able to remain calm by controlling his breathing and acted smart by attending to his head wound – these factors saved his life. Kurt has since returned to Guadalajara and is safe and sound.

Meanwhile Aaron has found himself in New Jersey where he is visiting family, all due to a visa mishap. As Australians, both Aaron and Kurt have the luxury of easy travel, worry free boarder crossing and confident visa applications – that is if a visa is required at all. With an Australian passport one has access to 138 countries with no visa required and has a power rank of 9 on the passport index. However, Aaron’s wife has a Mexican passport, which ranks 22 in comparison – Joanna will need a visa to travel via the USA and a visa to enter Australia. Considering visas are compulsory, expensive and time consuming, it appears that perhaps not all people are born equal, whereas Australians live young and free.

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