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Gela Amini – A life without precedent: Episode 174

The Story: Geliqua’s way of living the dream

A couple of months ago, Kurt had the opportunity to interview vegan chef, traveller and free spirit Gela Amini a second time, exploring the concepts of creative visualisation and living an unusual life in more detail, building upon the previous interview.

In this episode, Gela shares her thoughts the way she lives life as an adventure, spending time in Costa Rica, travelling, her philosophy on teaching as a collaboration and interactive experience, learning about life from the children she works with, and the difference between traditional schooling sitting all day and education as a fun experience. We also talk about how people seem to offer her houses to live in, such as her time living on La Playa Blanca in Colombia, among other places in South America, her mental process in finding such remarkable opportunities – especially believing that you deserve good things in your life, how your perspective can make the difference between seeing something as an advantage or disadvantage, depression and mental health.

Join us in another free-wheeling, globe-trotting, dream-fulfilling episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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Using your passion to manifest your dreams – Gela Amini

Gela explains how she put herself in the mental and emotional space to manifest a much better life situation – receiving an insurance payout and gaining her Swedish citizenship.


Part of the reason this manifestation came as quickly as it did is that – and I’m going to explain how to get manifestations to come quicker instead of waiting for a time, because time again is an illusion – right?

So I actually ended up writing myself a letter – oh, there was something else as well. I had a 2008 debt that was miniscule, that had just accumulated to this giant amount that they were threatening to mess up my credit and then I wouldn’t have gotten my passport again. And from nowhere this company contacted me after all these years.

So again this sets the panic mode, because again, these were manifestations of my perspective at that time. I was thinking that life was happening to me, everything’s going wrong, no money, this and that. So that was continuously coming back just to shove itself in my face basically.

So I didn’t have a choice other than to face it, and I started writing a letter, and actually, it’s funny that you say that. I’m not a really big fan of “The Secret” because there’s a lot I don’t agree with. However, the fundamentals touch base on spirituality and the power of manifestations. And I remember I took something out of that, and I wrote myself a letter from that company and from the immigration board about my citizenship.

And each letter – I kid you not, I have saved them and when I go back to Sweden I’ll take pictures of them so you can add them on anywhere you want. But, more or less identical – the letter from the company that I owed money to, I wrote a very short letter saying “we have dropped the case, and that’s it – we don’t have sufficient evidence so we have dropped the case,” and the other one from the immigration board saying “you’ve got your citizenship, please go apply for your passport.”

I wrote them in a little letter to myself, put them in an envelope, heading outside to go grocery shopping. So I put them in the envelope, throw it in the mail slot, I go get my food I come back and I push it out of my mind. But I remember the feeling as I was writing – again this is how you get manifestations to come back a lot faster – is the emotion that you put into it. People call it intention, emotion, electricity, whatever you want to call it. But that’s the power that we put behind it, and that comes from within.

So I remember how excited I was to be able to see these words come back to me, to see the magic of life, which is again, it’s in our own hands. And once I came back home and I picked up those letters and I pretended I never read them and I opened it up and again that excitement came back, and again within such a short period of time, I got the exact same letters from both different places, and they’re more or less identical to what I wrote myself.

And these are little games and activities you can play within life that remind us of the magic that exists already out there. It’s like when you open the fridge and you’re looking for something and you’re not going to be able to see it, until you shift your perspective, and then you can…

You can have these little exercises and they start at miniscule levels. You can do things like – I know in “The Secret” they talk about seeing the green light. When you hit traffic, just see green lights. Again, it’s not about what you envision, it’s about putting the power behind that vision.

-Okay, so feeling it, the emotional content.-

Allowing yourself an excitement. Excitement and anxiety are two sides of the same coin. The question is again, if we realise the duality of those two actually when they’re unified, we can bring forth. We can create something with it. If they’re still in dualities, we’re going to end up having that “good or bad” perspective, that “unlucky or lucky” perspective, “I can’t do it but she did it” perspective.