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The Dash instamine and why it doesn’t matter

When a digital currency is mined before it’s released to the public, that may be a symptom of a scam – but it doesn’t prove without a doubt that it’s a scam. It may be an indicator that the creators just intend to boost up the value of the currency a little, sell their holdings, and leave. However, if we find that the creators continue to work on the coin long after any get-rich-quick scheme should have expired, is it still reasonable to say that the coin is a scam?


Ideas are the currency of gods – Episode 126

The Story: An economics lesson from aliens about ideas

There are many qualities which make for sound money – durability, recognisability, portability, acceptability, and so on. Gold and silver have many of these qualities, as does Bitcoin. Then, you might have heard someone say this idea: “Ideas are the currency of the 21st century.” Can ideas really function as money? Do they have what it takes?

Ideas certainly are durable. Some ideas have been around for thousands of years and still show no sign of slowing down. Ideas are certainly recognisable – but perhaps good ideas and mind-blowing ideas are only recognisable to certain people. Ideas are certainly portable – much more so than a cow or even an ounce of gold. Using radio waves, it’s possible that ideas could be transported between worlds, without even exerting much energy. With some other form of technology, some kind of telepathy, perhaps ideas could even be transported between universes. And naturally, when they arrived, they would be much more likely to be accepted as being valuable, compared to silver or the information for a Bitcoin transfer.

We can see, at least in these few respects, ideas might make very good currency, though there would still be many questions to be asked.

In this episode, we discuss how valuable ideas are, how they might be used as ideas, and what kind of ideas might be considered valuable. We also discuss Kurt’s success on the Steemit platform, and how it’s progressing as a medium.

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