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Episode 115 – Standards – Consciously Choosing My Partner

The Episode:

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The Story:

For many people, finding a partner is a question more of chance, than of design. They don’t necessarily start out with a firm idea of the kind of person they are trying to attract, and they don’t necessarily learn to clearly identify the specific qualities they’re looking for in the potential partners that they meet. And so, for most people, relationships can be like a kind of random walk, and in a culture that puts Disney-style romance above compatibility or the hard work of building a solid foundation for a relationship, perhaps it’s no wonder that so many marriages end in divorce.

To the minds of many, it may seem overly-calculating to try to design the kind of relationship you want, and it may seem contrived to work on a relationship to make something work, because the “natural assumption” is that love should flow effortlessly, with no struggles and not even a thought. Unfortunately, the reality is normally very different.

In this episode, Kurt talks to Aaron about the kind of attitude and energy that is attractive to a woman, and to people in general, about why he’s decided to not engage in sexual activity for the moment, and the kinds of things he is looking for in a woman, as a life partner, to create the most favourable conditions for a successful relationship – firstly, that she be bilingual, secondly that she is interested in psychedelics, and finally that she has learned the important life lesson of “Practise something, and you will get better at it.”

Let’s examine ourselves and our expectations of the world, in the next episode of The Paradise Paradox.

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