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Best Bits – Nobody comes into this life with a manual

Nobody comes into this life with a manual… That’s why it’s so amazing when we do something right.

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The other thing I was going to
include in my rant was, well, go easy on
yourself. Don’t be so hard like – nobody comes into this life with
a manual or a guidebook. We don’t
know exactly what we’re doing you know
If we get lucky we have somebody
who gives us a few little words of
advice. But the thing is, we’re going to
make mistakes and we make these small
mistakes or big mistakes and these small
mistakes which which seem like huge
mistakes from our perspective. But when
we do something right – and it doesn’t
even have to be completely right it can
just be – you know – just, just a
small thing that we do right, it is a
miracle. It is amazing. You know against
all odds that we that we do something
good for others. So that’s that’s all I wanted to say.

Episode 111 – Podcast Journalism

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The Story:

This would be my idea of a typical childhood experience – wearing dads shoes and to play with his work stuff. This activity creates a thought channel of ‘when I grow up..?’ questions. Do you remember those thoughts – when ‘I grow up’ I want to be a superman-hero. A child has the ability to imagine without limits and to approach things with a curious nature. Ironically, the growing up process changes your priorities and pulls you away from childhood behaviour. There’s a dangerous idea here, Perhaps, we should fight to keep ourselves well adjusted to the behaviour of children?

Now that my 20’s have well expired, I realise that anyone can experience a surprise brain transplant. In these cases a self-recover is sometimes recommended, if only to avoid further illness. Any little change can be very healthy and should be encouraged. Once a self-managed personal change has been executed, the process of change becomes less daunting and change can easily become a new reset button. Big change can unleash the dynamo-superman, where one’s capacity allows for simultaneous activity paths. Irrespective of previous activity, finding a passion will not be limited by formal education and/or training. However, its important to be realistic and to have perfect expectations, if any at all.

The internet is the portal to infinite information, education and know how. Youtube has become the ever expanding open text book. Now coupled with mobile technology and powered by social-media, today anyone can become anything. In the case of reality we realise that there is a need for real-ness in this cyber world. People want to connect and share real life news and perspectives. Alternative media, bloggers and content creators are arriving to an open buffet. Human awareness says, we need you! Supply and demand! Begin by documenting your life, start with a journal – Build a media empire? ‘We are all journalists now’!

Idea: Stretching back time.

Life speeds up when you are not present, if one drifts off into no time. They will lose real earth experience time. In this case – the desired outcome is to maximise life, by experiencing more decisions. In order to increase the correct balance decisions vs predetermined-decisions. You must be making decisions in the moment, ‘thinking in time’ can only pull you away from the reality event flow. Less thinking will give you a much bigger experience. Maybe we shouldn’t be thinking to hard – Harmony is to make decisions without thinking, perhaps Intuition?

However, this shouldn’t mean we drop daily decisions. Routines can be helpful in increasing productivity, unfortunately the predetermined decisions do not test one’s ability to decided in the moment. Failing to execute a ‘choice’ is unhealthy and lowering the number of daily decisions – is not ideal. People have the capacity to become zombies, failing to work the ‘choice’ muscle. This leads to a overly dominant personal auto-pilot. Flying high above the serviceable reality, which causes time – to appear accelerated and your surrounds take on a complete faster nature.

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