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Trump’s wall: A futile conversation


Maybe there are still some arguments about Trump’s border wall which I haven’t heard yet… But the ones that I have heard are rather pathetic. The wall conversation seems to go like this:

We need a wall to keep people out to stop them taking welfare.

Really? Do naturalised citizens actually take more welfare than natural born citizens on average? Do you have any statistics to back it up?

Hm I uh… I do have some statistics about how immigrants are more likely to vote Democrat.

Alright, that’s something – not exactly what I was looking for though. You don’t have statistics about why they vote Democrat. You know, even if people come to work in your country, they don’t need to have citizenship, voting rights or welfare. People can get residency or working visas.

Ohhh yeah… I’m sure all the socialist politicians will maintain that rule even if it costs them votes.

Okay… but if you’re going to play that card, there’s nothing you can do politically to solve this problem. A wall certainly won’t help. The socialist politicians will just fix things so people can walk right over.

Alright alright, we can go around like this forever. If we didn’t have welfare, we wouldn’t need a wall. But we have, so we do.

So building a wall that costs billions of dollars is a perfectly reasonable, rational and possible thing to expect, but attempting to curb welfare is impractical and impossible. I see.

Here’s an interesting article which talks about why such a wall would be pretty useless: 8 things you need to know about Trump’s wall


Episode 48 – The French Arizonian Mexican: Taylor Alan

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Living in the USA, the media bombards you with stories telling you that you should accept immigrants, or that you should be afraid of immigrants stealing your welfare benefits. When trapped in a limited media FOX/CNN right/left propaganda paradigm, it may be difficult to overlook the fact that more and more people are deciding to leave the USA and never come back. Some of them are looking for the principles of liberty and opportunity that made America great. Some of them are increasingly concerned about political risk. And some of them just want an opportunity to break their daily routine, leave the ordinary life behind, and find what mysteries the world has to present to them.

Naturally, some of these adventurers have decided to spend some time in Magical Mexico. Kurt’s neighbour Taylor Alan is one of these gringos that decided to explore the world, if only by accident. On a month-long family trip to France, she met a charming local and decided not to leave.

In this episode, we interview Ms. Alan and find out how she managed to survive France barely speaking the language, her easy-going attitude, and how she ended up in Mexico.

Join us on another exciting, world-shattering adventure on… The Paradise Paradox!

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