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How did I become an anarchist – Best Bits

Kurt is interviewed by Jeff Berwick on Anarchast, and is asked Jeff’s favourite question, “How did you become an anarchist?” Kurt explains how he put the pieces of liberty together – understanding social or personal liberty, understanding economic liberty, understanding the philosophical and legal aspects, and finally having the “click”, realising that a state is unnecessary and undesirable.

Watch and listen to the full interview here: Kurt on Anarchast – Living Freely and Enjoying the Ride

Don’t Waste Your Wonder – Episode 163

The Story: How to have a free mind and use your sense of wonder

Many people seek to hold and to defend a belief in a material or even mechanical universe. A belief in God or anything supernatural or paranormal is considered just a superstition, and to believe in those things, to those people, seems more like a delusion than a rational exploration. We know that if a cult tells you that their way is the only way to salvation – the only way to the truth – such an organisation is probably not interested in an honest pursuit of truth. Yet, when believers in science or scientism make similar statements, many accept them. If we are really interested in finding out more about reality, shouldn’t we be willing to explore ideas?

In this episode, Kurt takes a trip to Guanajuato and reflects on hardcore skeptics, atheism, the exploration of ideas and belief systems, miracles, and how people can use their sense of wonder to enrich their lives. Join us on another paradigm-shattering episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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Leandrew Dixon – Believer to Atheist to Wonderer

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Hegelian Dialectic

Reticular activating system

Confirmation bias

Cognitive Dissonance

Filter bubble

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A message of peace – Kurt Robinson Raps

Kurt delivers a divine discourse through acappella rhyme, conveying to the audience that they are powerful, reminding them of their essence.



You might have seen me burn a stage, ruptured with earthquakes
But you never saw when I put first feather to first page
Thousands of hours going unshowered fighting with a pen
Writing, rewriting, editing, and writing again

Creating complex metaphors with such force
Well-articulated thoughts given physical form
Imbibing forgotten mystical shamanic medicines
Performing sacred rituals to show the proper reverence

I spent time analysing logical and philosophical premises
How to develop prosperity, how to avoid pestilence

Studying holy texts that are so complex
They made my brain flip my solar plexus and soul flex
Alongside entrepreneurial biographies to get a clear view
Of how to integrate the spiritual and the material

So when you hear me spit it’s not just any rhymes
It’s a perspective of a man who has lived many lives
Who has dug deep into the spirit to autodidactically verify
Peeled back layers of onions to find what it said inside

I’ve jotted mountains of lyrics of found-within-ness
That condense the epiphanies of powerful visions
It takes a scholar to make the division between my witticisms
My pseudo-intellectualism and my wisdom

In past lives I ate fools whole and chewed bones
Barefoot face of the sun, walked through snow
Killed men and raised dead for a cool show
Wrapped space around time in a cute bow

I outlived universes’ entropy till it grew cold
Waited through the heat death till they anew growed
All the skills from my past selves, all of my cast spells
But nothing compares to the power to move a human soul

God’s fingers touched my lips so let me speak
For I come from beyond time with a message of peace
These things I know heaven is high, hell is deep
And nothing will fill your heart like service to your fellow being

So what lies within your heart tell me please
Tell me what you hide inside that’s seldom seen
Suffering makes you live, you bled, you breathe
Embrace your divine nature and set yourself free

You’ve been blessed with will and pure intellect
A chance to love yourself or ignore and neglect
The need to decide your own meaning of life
Within your forty more breaths divorced from death

You can be Me easily reborn in the flesh
With an earth with soil so well-formed and fresh
So I humbly present you a choice with all respect
These are yours to wreck or yours to protect

You were born with a divine melody, a holy tune
Singing the sweetest song a soul consumes
Look into the eyes of a child and you’ll know it’s true
Your earthly brethren have such high hopes for you

Life can be like a hall of mirrors
We get obsessed with the surface like a sort of sickness
Take a look – what’s behind all those visions
Pure space, the space to transform into brilliance

All those millions of possibilities the universe spins through
You came from nothing, so you’ve got no more to lose
Everything that’s within me is within you
So please stand up, and do what you were born to do

Kurt Robinson Raps – “Free” Verse

freedom of movement and a free life
free love & compassion can free minds
free thinking your thoughts can be free
free association and freedom of speech

free to be emotional free to be calm
the right to self defence free to bear arms
while the kids demand a free education
shit ain’t free, you must be freebasin

i know you heard this one it’s some deep stuff
there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch
free mp3s downloaded we handle
i’ll steal the beat for this track a free sample

monogamy polyamory and free lovin
live your whole life think you’re in a free country
constitutional republic as long as it lasted
abolish gov. for a strong free market

wander through the hotel get free wifi
free your imagination through your mind’s eye
make freedom so common it seems boring
i forgot my clean underwear i’m freeballin

none of those phony laws you should believe in
victimless crime spree derrick j freeman
drug dealin free enterprise you can be the boss
and that reminds me man – free ross!