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Episode 39 – Government is Force

The Episode:

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The Story:

Sun is shining, birds chirping, the distant hum of neighbours mowing their lawns and the ringing of a little bell. “Lemonade, come and get your lemonade!” shouted by two young girls. We can see the image – harmless entrepreneurship at work. “Fresh delicious lemonade, only one dollar!” shouted by your 10 year old daughter accompanied by her best friend, Sarah.

Your favourite morning coffee is brewing and its the weekend so, licence to be cheeky, one sugar please. Lost in the aroma, you notice that the bell hasn’t been rung in a while. Then the reactive mental note – maybe I should check on the girls. Then in an instant, you hear screams and the slamming of the front door.

No spilt coffee, but all hairs on end. “We are being robbed!” Sarah screamed from behind her sobbing. Now both girls crying. “What? Who?” you respond, hastily walking to the front door. Through the window, you can see two guys picking up the knocked-over disposable cups and the lemonade stand being loaded in their pickup.

You shout, “What the hell is going on here?” as you walk towards the two goons, your fist clenched with the uncomfortable rage of confusion. “Excuse me sir, there was no permit reserved to distribute lemonade on this street,” said by the Lightweight. Tapping his clipboard he explains, “Without a permit, no one has the permission to sell anything.” Even a sunday garage sale must be registered, with at least two weeks notice. You ask, “What about my daughter’s lemonade?”

“Your property will need to be collected from the collections office within the fortnight, or it will be deemed trash.” But of course, that’s after you pay the fine.

Thoughts and feelings from this story may be similar or even shared. Does government have more of the right to our property than we do? Where should the boundaries of local authority lie? Is the use of force justified? Why should we need to ask permission to be free? In this episode I tell of a similar experience, an encounter with local government authorities, where we ask these questions and more.

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