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How did I become an anarchist – Best Bits

Kurt is interviewed by Jeff Berwick on Anarchast, and is asked Jeff’s favourite question, “How did you become an anarchist?” Kurt explains how he put the pieces of liberty together – understanding social or personal liberty, understanding economic liberty, understanding the philosophical and legal aspects, and finally having the “click”, realising that a state is unnecessary and undesirable.

Watch and listen to the full interview here: Kurt on Anarchast – Living Freely and Enjoying the Ride

Best Bits – Nobody comes into this life with a manual

Nobody comes into this life with a manual… That’s why it’s so amazing when we do something right.

Watch and listen to the full episode here: The Paradise Paradox on Anarchast


The other thing I was going to
include in my rant was, well, go easy on
yourself. Don’t be so hard like – nobody comes into this life with
a manual or a guidebook. We don’t
know exactly what we’re doing you know
If we get lucky we have somebody
who gives us a few little words of
advice. But the thing is, we’re going to
make mistakes and we make these small
mistakes or big mistakes and these small
mistakes which which seem like huge
mistakes from our perspective. But when
we do something right – and it doesn’t
even have to be completely right it can
just be – you know – just, just a
small thing that we do right, it is a
miracle. It is amazing. You know against
all odds that we that we do something
good for others. So that’s that’s all I wanted to say.

Kurt on Anarchast – Living Freely and Enjoying the Ride

The Story: Kurt is interviewed by Jeff Berwick on Anarchast

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jeff Berwick, known for his media outlet “The Dollar Vigilante” and his channel “Anarchast” in which he interviews notable anarchists, almost always beginning the interview with the question “How did you become an anarchist?”

I’ve been listening to the Anarchast for years, and hoping that one day I would be able to appear on it, so when Jeff asked me, my answer was an emphatic “Hell yes.”

I figured that, to make the interview entertaining for Jeff and for the thousands of listeners, I’d better prepare carefully, thinking about what would be engaging for them. So in the couple of weeks leading up to the interview, I wrote out many drafts thinking about how I would describe my journey of becoming an anarchist, “Free man on the land” type ideas and how they lead me to question authority, about the freedom that people enjoy in Mexico (despite its flaws), the anti-authoritarianism that exists here, spiritual experiences, and how life is full of wonders.

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Sterlin Lujan: Compassionate anarchy – Episode 156

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