Ethereum’s New Financial Paradigm with The Last American Vagabond

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The Story:

Aaron had the chance to jump on The Infinite Expansion podcast with fellow Anarchapulco attendee, Tim Bryant, of The Last American Vagabond, to have a discussion about the benefits of Ethereum and how it is ushering in a new era of financial technology – even while many banks are still just getting involved with blockchain technology, and many regular people still don’t know what Bitcoin is.

Ethereum is billed as an “international computer”, a way to execute computer code using a widely distributed network all over the world, a development which not even its users and developers yet understand its full implications or possible implementations.

Aaron and Tim talk about the benefits of Ethereum to be used in smart contracts, how it might work in conjunction with other cryptocurrencies, and how cryptocurrency is sometimes rejected in the truth movement, even though it might well be perfectly aligned with their goals.

Join us as we propel ourselves into the future on this next episode of The Infinite Expansion podcast and The Paradise Paradox!

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