Peyote Desert Crop Circle – An extraterrestrial message?

Out in the middle of the desert in San Luis Potosí, the real desert, about as desert as it can possibly get, there is a small group of travellers taking shamanic medicine. They all have some unusual experiences through the night, apparently talking to spirits and even extraterrestrials, and when they wake up, they notice something is different. There is a group of concentric stone circles just ten metres away from the campsite, appearing almost like a miniature of an Aztec city. In the middle of the circles, a curious symbol.

Did the stones appear overnight, spontaneously arranging themselves? Or was it just a case of none of the six travellers taking note of their surrounds?

Episode 117 – Peyote trip overview
Episode 118 – Peyote Spaceship: Contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence