Our Ideas

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It’s never my intention to initiate a violent revolution, a coup d’état, to take up arms to dominate people, in the hopes of freeing people. The reason being, you can never free people who don’t want to be free – who don’t even know what it means to be free. Like a brainwashed prisoner when his cage’s door is opened, he will cramp himself in the corner, and cower. A free man is a free man even when inside a cage. A true slave will find a master, even when he is released. For truly meaningful change, the mind must be freed first.

That means, people must learn philosophy, and they must know themselves. Why do the powerful try so hard to censor; why have they always tried so hard? With war propaganda, peacetime propaganda, lies, covert manipulation and overt force? Because they know intuitively: ideas are dangerous to them, because ideas can liberate us.

The real war can’t be fought with guns, because the real war is fought with ideas. Ideas will not be stopped by bullets or by bulletproof glass. No manmade law applies to ideas, nor the laws of economics or even the law of gravity. Their immortal, impermeable qualities demonstrate to us that they are a manifestation of Spirit, moving through the world like God’s fingers, unbound, divine, and relentless. Our ideas will outlive us, but more importantly, our ideas will outlive Them.