A short manifesto of decentralised freedom

decentralised freedom.jpg

There are many problems with the world, and many of them are caused by centralisation of power. Presidents and generals command large armies, putting the lives of young people into play as pawns, sending many of them to die, and many more to be traumatised. Media organisations stretching across the world control the images that define our lives, enabling them to impress their brand of Truthâ„¢, and discouraging individuals from finding their own version of the facts. Churches feed spiritual interpretations into the minds of the young, applying social pressure to hook them into worshipping idols, then manipulating those idols as puppets. Monolithic supermarket companies put pressure on governments to implement more regulations, preventing small businesses from ever starting. Taxes are collected wholesale, snatching 10, 20 or 30% of your paycheque, from millions of people, but how that money is spent will be decided by hundreds, and many will finish their terms rich and with healthy pensions.

What I propose is breaking large organisations into smaller groups that serve more niche needs, making it easier to hold those people accountable, and stop using their services if they are no longer beneficial, combined with the continued personal evolution of individuals, learning to find better ways to serve each other, while fulfilling our own needs.

The good news is that, with many individuals, there come many methods. As a wise man once said, don’t bother to tell a man how, just tell him what, and you will be surprised at his inventiveness in solving the problem. While many people still need encouragement to figure out ways to be free, many barely need a whisper, and in this information age, connecting to people to organise projects becomes easier and easier.

Some people will decide to start growing their own food in their backyards, and trading with their neighbours. Others will set up illegal and unregulated dining clubs organised over social media, paying a monthly fee and visiting each others’ houses every weekend to enjoy cheap food. Many more will start to use digital currency, slowly removing the power from government fiat, reducing bureaucrats’ abilities to tax. Some will use those same currencies to buy goods on black markets through the Internet. Small “Freedom Cells” of 8 people will form strong bonds, teaching each other self defence and survival skills. Other groups, such as Rainbow Gatherings will come together, often giving their time and goods freely, enjoying their time gathered as a family, promoting the ideal of universal brotherhood.

Those of little faith will try to diminish your actions, claiming you are a criminal, calling you a capitalist pig, a filthy commie, saying that you are what’s wrong with the world today. Their labels cannot define you, cannot bind you – in fact, they can’t even stick to you. You are something else; you are a free human being.

The progress is slow, and though the results seem closer every year, they are still far in the distance. Whatever happens, if we achieve the dream or not, let them never say that we didn’t strive together and as individuals, for something worthy, something so miraculous that many said it was unimaginable. The peace within the struggle is our reward, and that is available to us now.