Episode 95 – Shamans with Guns: Luis Fernando Mises

The Episode:

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The Story:

Many millenia ago, certain people started to work with herbs and other plants, healing the bodies and souls of their tribespeople. Over time, they learnt how to use certain plants to form a connection with some deep part of their unconscious, tapping into wisdom of unknown origin, which would, slowly but surely, affect the fate of humanity. Some shamans claim they contact spirits, and by using psychedelic drugs, they can come into contact with the divine.

In this episode, Kurt had a chance to catch up with Luis Fernando Mises at Anarchapulco 2016 and discuss shamanism. We discussed the contrast between San Pedro/huachuma and ayahuasca – how huachuma is like a patient grandfather who is ready to work with you at your own pace, and how ayahuasca is like a stern granddmother; how huachuma gave Luis a master’s degree on economic policy, how the roles of shaman, consultant and gun-owner are more harmonious than it might seem at first, and how psychedelic medicine can have a domino or fractal effect through many lives.

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