Episode 93 – Polyamory and Monogamy

The Episode:

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The Story:

Many people assume that having a monogamous relationship is normal and healthy. Many men get into long-term relationships, enjoy themselves for a while, but soon feel the need for the exhilarating touch of another woman’s skin, a craving for sexual diversity which many believe is biological. In such cases, men will turn to pornography, going to strip clubs, or cheating on their partners outright, with prostitutes or other women. In some parts of the world, these habits are very much frowned on, but in others they are somewhat accepted – as long as the wife never hears about it.

Individuals in the polyamorous community have decided that it doesn’t make sense to fight these urges, but instead work with them, by embracing multiple partners, in loving relationships. Humans are tribal animals, they say, and part of that tribal kinship involves sexuality. Of course, by solving the problem of cheating, they open up other problems – of course, having a relationship with one person is difficult enough.

Still others will contend that having a strictly monogamous relationship is very difficult, but entirely worth it, in maintaining the sanctity of marriage, and also providing for children in a consistent, stable environment – an environment which can even indirectly protect against government tyranny, by ensuring the family trust each other more than they do the authorities.

Which type of relationship is right for you? A monogamous relationship, a crazy single life where you screw everybody, or perhaps even complete abstinence? We explore these concepts and more, in the next willy-shaking episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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