Episode 90 – The Passion of Anarchapulco 2016

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The Story:

Many people in the liberty movement are very left-brained, extremely focused on logic, because that is how many of them came to the conclusion that allowing any particular organisation a monopoly on power is not a good idea, not effective, or even not practical. However, there are many people who have very similar or related feelings about liberty or about caring for others, who may not yet have the mental tools to entirely leave behind their indoctrination about government.

The hippie movement was a huge call for peace, though it later went on to be undermined by mysterious forces in the seventies – perhaps just by the realisation that it was time to get a job and a mortgage. But hippies as a movement are still very much alive, and in many ways, many Burners and Rainbow Gatherers are much more free than any Austrian economist writing essays in his suburban home could ever be. Step by step, the liberty movement extends to people who haven’t just come to liberty as an intellectual conclusion, but to people who live it and breathe it, who feel it in their bones, on their sunburnt faces, and on their blistered bare feet. Even many academic socialists who advocate robbery in the form of taxation, and many forms of impractical public policy, does so because it is congruent with his compassion for others – his desire for freedom and prosperity.

The question is, how can these two camps of logic and emotion, which, on the surface might seem to be very contradictory, be combined? The perfect answer is divine revelation. The practical answer is art. Through creating something beautiful, manifesting a piece of divinity in the human world, bringing people to a point of exaltation through poetry, song, food and painting, can win over hearts, where minds still lay closed.