Episode 89 – Anam Paiseanta: Living Rent Free

The Episode:

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The Story:

Many people decide to set off to travel across the globe with nothing but a backpack and few changes of clothes, hopping from hostel to hostel and embracing the various mind-opening experiences that these journeys can offer them, and nursing their bed-bug bites as they go. But what if you could do it in luxury? What if you had several houses all over the country, or all over the world where you could stay, without cost, without debt, and perhaps without even owning the houses – even making a profit by controlling these houses – and in the meantime, providing a valuable solution to the person who does hold the deed.

All this is possible, with a little hard work, a little hard thinking, a handful of specific real estate techniques, and perhaps a healthy measure of intestinal fortitude.

In this episode, Kurt talks with Anarchapulco speaker, author, entrepreneur and liberty lover, Anam Paiseanta, about his methods of creating lease options to live without paying rent, to speculate on property prices and make a profit, and to help many desperate sellers to find a way out of a difficult situation. We discuss the differences between passive marketing and active marketing, and how someone can get started in this liberating endeavour. We also discuss his Connector app, which can help people of common interests find each other across the world, enabling people to prescreen new social connections, finding business and agorist networks, and developing and maintaining liberty-loving communities.

Join us on another globe-trotting, money-making adventure in this episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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