Episode 79 – Amanda B. Johnson & Pete Eyre: The Daily Decrypt

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The Story:

When certain people hear about Bitcoin, they can’t help but be fascinated by it. It gets inside your mind and starts whispering to you: What if? What if the control of currency from central banks isn’t inevitable? What if there was an alternative? What if, when the government men came with their guns to take your gold and start a war, there was nothing there for them to take? And what if this technology already existed?

If you contract this “bitcoinitis”, you might get caught up in a fugue, reading for hours a day about the latest developments, the rate of acceptance, the development of new technology that allow new kinds of financial assets and smart contracts that facilitate trade across borders. Amanda “Billyrock” Johnson was hit with bitcoinitis, and decided to turn all of her reading into a digest of the most interesting cryptocurrency stories of the day: “The Daily Decrypt”.

In this episode, we interview Amanda and her partner in crime, Pete Eyre, about how they first came across Bitcoin, their experience with the Free State Project in New Hampshire, and what they think about the freedom in Mexico.

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