Episode 78 – Humberto Quintanilla: Pulsebtc

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The Story:

Ask almost any Bitcoin enthusiast for the main obstacles holding back Bitcoin from mainstream adoption, and usability will most likely fall in the top two. Many companies are working on solutions to this problem, such as ChangeTip, allowing people to send money to people through tweets or YouTube comments. Another is Netki, which changes Bitcoin addresses into warm and friendly, human readable addresses. And yet another is Pulsebtc, which enables regular people to enjoy some of the benefits of Bitcoin transactions, without ever having to know that they’re using blockchain technology.

The product comes in the form of a bracelet, which one day you will be able to swipe in taxis and cafés to pay for your product. Because of Bitcoin’s low transaction fees, It’s cheaper for the vendor, and it’s convenient for the user.

At LaBITconf, we met the CEO of Pulsebtc, Humberto Quintanilla, and discussed his vision, his journey as an entrepreneur, his ideas of what the future might look like, and his romantic outlook on life. Join us for another Bitcoin-transferring, coffee-and-donut-paying, technologically-innovating episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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