Episode 75 – Andreas Antonopoulos: The Disruptarian

The Episode:

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The Story:

There is one person who inspires in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space like no other, a man known as a Bitcoin rockstar, who has made even the most passionate and informed Bitcoiners stop and wonder what is truly possible with the gift of Satoshi. His name is Andreas Antonopoulos.

When Antonopoulos first heard of Bitcoin he laughed it off, saying dismissively to himself “Ha! Internet nerd money.” But after investigating more thoroughly, he began to see that he wasn’t just looking at money, but an entirely new implementation of networking, using a distributed ledger which we now know as “the blockchain”. Antonopoulos constantly reminds us all that Bitcoin won’t just be used as a currency, but as the basis of various financial instruments, even the likes of which have never been seen, such as smart contracts and disributed autonomous corporations. This is summed up in his quip: “Bitcoin isn’t just the money for the Internet – it’s the Internet of money.”

In this episode, we had a chance to grab a few minutes of Antonopoulos’s time, and ask him what he thought about the future of Bitcoin in Latin America, what the killer apps will be in developing nations, what he thinks about the mind-revealing qualities of psychedelic drugs, his political views, and of course, what he thinks about tacos. Join us in the next technological breakthrough in this episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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