Episode 72 – Bitnation Ambassadors: Erik Vollstädt

The Episode:

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The Story:

Bitnation is an organisation that has been labeled “governance 2.0” – which offers voluntary and borderless governance services across an decentralised platform. This platform for government can be designed to meet specific requirements for communities and has already been a success across various pilot programs – marriage, land registry and deeding.

In this episode of The Paradise Paradox, I interview Erik Vollstädt – the global lead ambassador of Bitnation. I ask Erik how he found himself involved in Bitnation and his journey to becoming global lead ambassador. We discuss his plans for team growth, task allocations and aspirations for a future global bitnation team of hundreds of ambassadors. This ambassador network will lead teams all across the world, the individual ambassadors will be directly involved with local governments and working to produce governance solutions.

Latin America is showing big potential, and that’s where Erik is choosing to focus. Building synergy between ambassadors will be beneficial in producing transferable products and tutorials for the citizens in that geographical area. Currently amongst the Latin American countries there are active ambassadors in Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina.

Erik is eager to continue building momentum and increase the Bitnation team, so, anyone interested in assisting the development of Bitnation contact Erik on Facebook. Or just get involved and be a part of the new world, becoming a world citizen by visiting the Bitnation website.

Be prepared to have your world changed by a decentralised paradigm shift as you enjoy this episode of The Paradise Paradox.

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