Episode 71 – San Sebastian Adventure

The Episode:

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The Story:

Destination set, arrival time approximated and all essentials packed. Vehicle of choice: not just any old VW sedan, a special VW beetle named “Vocho-Vochito”, but to his friends, he is “Vochilango”. Just as it’s bad luck to set sail without first naming your ship, giving your trusty vehicle a name brings your ride to life. Something special happens and a soul is born, your car will adopt a personality and accompanying behaviours. Unfortunately, this also allows your newborn friend to misbehave.

Vochito and I work as a team, with Vocho deciding many important things for me – such as when, or if, I’m going to arrive. The beetle acts as a channel for divine providence, allowing him to stop in unexpected places and enjoy magical coincidences. Anything can happen and everything is possible.

In this episode I tell a short story of a Vocho weekend adventure. The VW bug was well-behaved as I stretched all gears around the Mexican country side, bending time and entering G-force on the hairpin turns. Heavy on the breaks as the wheels lock up, in an attempt to avoid being swallowed by the holy trails created by the hurricane the week before. It’s time to enjoy yet another trip through … The Paradise Paradox.

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