Episode 69 – Ayahuasca Diaries Part 3

The Episode:

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The Story:

Madre Ayahuasca has friends in high places. One becomes informed of this as you begin to question your own free will. The decision is made and you think that you chose to take part in this Ayahuasca ceremony. However, it is common knowledge among experienced travellers, that Madre Ayahuasca chooses you. Diving deep, peeling back all layers, it delivers a massage to your core seed, the personal connection to this world is disconnected and shakes clear all the cobwebs from your reality. Once all is clear, rattled and well shaken, the reconstruction begins. Literally your mind and your perceptions are rebuilt before the reflection in your mind’s eye.

It’s safe to say that the medicine works in mysterious ways – the effect is felt days before the ceremony. This is well before anything is even digested. Obviously, this is one mother that does not respect clockwork, as if ‘father time’ had been escorted out of the room. The symptoms can be uncomfortable and you might feel not quite right. However, it’s what comes in the following weeks that cannot be explained. Things begin to change.

Madre Ayahuasca leaves you homework with various methods used for the teachings. Usually in the form of a mixed bag of feelings, old and distant memories and direct clear visions. For some psychonauts this is straightforward and almost like a well thought-out lesson plan, whereas, for others, it can be slippery dip of deep forgotten traumas – either way, there is nothing random here. The medicine knows you too well.

In this episode, we discuss the week after drinking the medicine and the experience of ayahuasca homework. Using the metaphor of a Rubik’s cube clicking into place, to explain the wonderful ways life influenced by your new insights. As always prepare to be connected to the dis-connected through another exciting episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

Por la vida!

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