Episode 68 – Ayahuasca Diaries Part 2

The Episode:

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The Story:

When you first mention ayahuasca to someone, it’s normal to hear them say “What is it? It’s just a drug, isn’t it?” The common refrain all through Latin America is, “It’s not a drug – it’s a medicine.” Of course, in the broad and literal sense of the word “drug”, ayahuasca is indeed a drug. But it can never be “just a drug”. Is the drug that saves your life “just a drug”? What about the drug which undoes your assumptions about living in this world, rewiring your brain to cast aside negative or destructive thought patterns – the drug that takes you from “surviving” to “living”. Ayahuasca cannot be called “just a drug” any more than a Michelangelo or an Alex Grey can be called “just a painting”. The only way “just” can possibly apply, is if you take it to mean “merciful”.

In this episode, we describe the process of going through an ayahuasca journey, what’s it’s like to prepare for the ceremony, to choose a clear purpose, to go to the house of a shaman, to respect the ritual nature, to learn about the tradition, to take the sacred medicine, to start the magical process of washing clean the dark mirror of the self, and to experience some unusual synchronicities.

Join us in our journey to meet Mother Ayahuasca, the all-loving, all-forgiving spirit of the Earth, on this mind-exposing episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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