Episode 63 – Split Realities

The Episode:

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The Story:

Alternate realities, parallel dimensions, inner and outer worlds, this is all crazy talk, at least it seems that way. Until one has a first hand experience of something weird, something not quite right, something that cannot be explained. Where things just don’t add up and it can’t be helped, you feel obliged to tell all your friends, even if they are not interested, just a glitch in the matrix they said. Followed by laughs of course.

Everyone is involved in interpreting, creating and controlling their reality. The funny thing is very few of us are aware of it. The great religion of science is doing well in catching up, where many theories are constantly being tested. It is often said that at best we only use 8-10 percent of our brain, leaving many asking the question, How do we activate the other 90 percent? and those who don’t ask may be at 6-8 percent. A quick investigation illustrates this to be completely false.

Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist created a structural model of the human psyche, often informally referred to as, the consciousness iceberg metaphor. This 5-10 percent of active brain function can be interpreted as an immediate awareness of consciousness. Where the remainder brain function is very much active, however unconscious and therefore one unaware of it.

There is too much information in the matrix to be processed, so one adopts a level of perception – this is our personal construct or reality filter. Perception is limited by what one is conscious of, or what the mind can process. We are constantly bombarded by infinite information, here our unconscious mind selects what is relevant for our conscious mind to process and therefore our immediate reality. This becomes the personal world that is generated which one operates in.

This knowledge is not all that fresh. A movement coined ‘New Age’ is made up of people striving to stretch and grow their immediate awareness, striving to expand the capacity of absorbed reality. This new age movement has inspired all types of life connoisseurs, creating music, films, activities and lifestyles. This is the practice of mindfulness, which traditionally includes many activities like meditation, yoga, tai chi and various activities of relaxation. In turn expanding ones immediate awareness and lifting operating consciousness within moment to moment, individually witnessing one self with higher perception. Be careful with new vision there is a chance the view may not be favourable and appreciated. Stay calm, clear your mind and attempt not to judge, become your very own objective critic and build your new self.

This is the new reality, where one can watch the mind, then control, dismiss and explore their thoughts and feelings. Reactions can be experienced, modified and contemplated in real time. This is the real superpower and it is addictive. Be conscious of yourself via a detachment of all expectations and outcomes, and access the holy grail of personal power!

Now this becomes interesting by creating a multi player game, adding more minds and more players to the experience. Creating a collective reality in which we all operate in, this playing field – referred to as Earth, and we are a mixed bag of stars. Super heroes walk amongst the crowds changing and shifting realities as they wish. Others continue with no control over thoughts, feelings or reactions. Awareness is the new choice, to believe or no to believe in ourselves or others, understand that everyone is limited by their own personal perception, which will never be experienced by no one else by one, in this case you. We are not all living in the same reality and this is simply because we are all unique.

In this episode we discuss this phenomena with a few stories from personal experiences. So, maybe some people are invisible or can read minds, maybe there are those who can fly or talk to aliens or time travel, in their mind reality. We are our own super hero, choose your powers.

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