Episode 60 – Fuck The Police

The Episode:

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The Story:

For a long time, if people wanted to know what the real story with police corruption and abuse was, they had to listen to the music of the street, with NWA’s “Fuck Tha Police”, Ice-T & Bodycount’s “Copkiller” and more recently, Internet sensation Rob Hustle’s “Call the Cops”.

But now, thanks to organisations such as Cop Block, and most importantly, camera phones, it’s becoming increasingly obvious how bad police are, how they attack, sexually abuse and even kill people over some minor infraction, or even for apparently no reason at all.

For many gang members around the world, they see the police as nothing more than a gang, and even some police share this view, evidenced by this quote from Chief Inspector Kibblewhite of the London Metropolitan police: “You might have 100 people in your gang – we have 32,000 people in our gang. It’s called the Metropolitan Police.” The police are a gang, watching out for each other, never snitching, and with the court system behind them, they become a particularly dangerous gang, willing to push boundaries in ways that other gang members wouldn’t be willing to.

In this episode, we explore the issue, telling some personal stories of when we’ve encountered corrupt cops, and even in (relatively) quiet regional towns in Australia, getting mixed up with a police officer can be a violent and dangerous scenario. What are the causes of this type of behaviour? What are the alternatives? When are these fucking pigs going to leave us alone? We dance with the devil in the next exciting installment of … The Paradise Paradox!

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