Episode 55 – Latin American Travel Adventures

The Episode:

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The Story:

Trippa? Taking a Trip can blow your mind! Nothing to do with hallucinations, mushrooms, ancient rituals, or drinking goats blood under a full moon while rotating your arse on a ouija board.

We are talking about going old school, boots, bag packed and exploring the real world. Travelling is a mind expanding experience because it gives life a chance to question itself. Perhaps decades of routine and familiar rhythms have created a comfortable lifestyle, yet many of us find ourselves numb and occasionally find ourselves slipping into a feeling of emptiness. Travelling is often a natural calling, something spiritual which the soul begs for. Gaining new perspectives and changing the lens in which we see the world is healthy. The mind and character needs it for personal growth and development. The best part is that, it’s always the subtle things that take one by surprise. Keeping it simple lets you soak it all in, new smells, new foods, new clothes, mix it up and live a little.

What about the language change? Have you ever thought about a language as the tool for creating new realities? Okay, so even if you are not interested in becoming or pretending to be a wizard, a new language is the way to upskill: increasing your own self worth and something to be proud of. Learning a new language is not an easy task, it may leave you struggling for years but once it clicks, it can be one of the most rewarding challenges and an adventure in itself.

For those who have already conquered a second language, why not go for the third? Language has been said to be a primary factor in the evolution of man, this was because language has the capability to re-wire the human mind by creating new connections and associations.

In this episode we were lucky enough to enjoy the company of Nikita and Ravinesh, great Aussie mates visiting Mexico and bringing a homegrown perspective. As they were travelling through the Americas, specifically Latin America, we had the chance to catch up and share a little paradise. In between commentary of a trip of a life time (which now become a lifetime of trips) we discus cultural awareness of australians (or lack of), how language affects thought and how swearing in multiple languages can open your eyes to many beautifully obscene ways to express yourself. These were just a few of the side topics amongst many more, please enjoy another episode of The Paradise Paradox.

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