Episode 47 – I Dream of Vocho

The Episode:

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The Story:

The Volkswagen Beetle was and is a fine example of German engineering. It has just the bare minimum amount of moveable parts, was built to last, and still lives up to its name as “The People’s Car”. Adolf Hitler first commissioned the Beetle in 1934, and the design was completed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1938. Many models, 30 years old and even older, are still running in many countries, especially in third world countries, and Mexico is no exception. The Mexicans, saving the hassle of trying to pronounce a German word, know the vehicle as the “vocho”, and you can see them used as taxis in certain cities, most notably Acapulco.

In this episode, Aaron tells us about a dream he had where he was driving a group of friends in his black vocho, when everything goes wrong. The breaks don’t work, the road drops out, and the laws of physics abandon him. Find out what happens next in this exciting chapter of … The Paradise Paradox!

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