Episode 46 – The Dox News Box July 2015

The Episode:

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The Story:

On the fifth of July, the people of Greece voted in a referendum on whether to accept new austerity measures, or to reject them. When the people voted no, there was footage of people celebrating in the streets, and it was hailed as a democratic success. Have the Greek people really succeeded in anything by this referendum? Or did they just get the democratic choice of the colour of rope which will be used to hang them?

Vaccines are an increasingly controversial subject. Some people are afraid to take them, and some are afraid not to. People can get passionate or even angry about it if you do nothing more than ask their opinion. Some pro-vaxxers claim that any potential risks are miniscule. Some anti-vaxxers claim the risks are known and potentially fatal. And some say it’s a matter of questions needing to be asked. With the complex legal issues sometimes barring legal action against vaccine manufacturers, and the media spin against any public figure who asks questions, is it even possible to know the truth?

Ever since the year 2000, people have been asking the eloquent question “So where are the fooking flying cars, mate?” There are many companies working on this problem, and with the availability of technology, materials and engineering information these days, it’s very possible that one of these companies might crack it very soon. What are the technologies that these companies are looking at, and how viable are they?

We ask these questions and more in this media circus of an episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

The Links:

Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi


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Andreas M. Antonopoulos educates Senate of Canada about Bitcoin (Oct 8, 2014)

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Government OK’d support for flying car development

Drone that carries people

The Volocopter

People still insist this flying car will arrive by 2017 despite crash

Lexus says it has a real hoverboard

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16 years ago a doctor published a study and it made us all sicker” on Upworthy

Parents can’t sue vaccine manufacturers

Vaccine injury compensation programs