Episode 41 – Deep Web Confessions

The Episode:

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The Story:

The Internet. Our own international communication system. A portal of personal access to a platform of freedom, at least it used to be, perhaps the collective still believe that.

Users are becoming further immersed, depended and frustrated with the Internet. It provides our communication, information and entertainment. Internet addicts are now more subject to this habit, like babies that find it hard to break away from their mother’s teats. Constant interactions and active feeds – the perpetual quest for the never-ending future of personalised knowledge. The Internet knows you better then you do. All visits, every click, cleartext private messages become our footprints, leaving a trail of emoticons… We are being watched.

You might describe the Internet as an iceberg, more or less. Above the water you can see only 0.03% of its form. Below the water lurks a strange an unknown world. The Internet casts a warped Jungian shadow in the collective unconscious. They call the unindexed web ‘Deep Web’, and the parts of the Internet you can only access with special software are called the ‘Dark Net’. The black markets, the other side, the unrestricted, uncensored and largely unknown Internet.

Lost in these foreign realms of cyberspace, with images of counterfeit cash, counterfeit passports and gold-plated AK-47s, I had to take a break. I stood up and took a walk to the park. A guy can get lost in there.

So load up your Tor browser, become a little more anonymous, and come along with us. What happens when you become invisible, then choose to look into a mirror? You’ve heard rumours about black markets, dark services and the dark side of humanity. Arms, drugs, identity services, money laundering. We found all this and more. Join us on the next exciting episode of The Paradise Paradox, and find out if the Dark Net holds what you’re looking for.

The Links:

The Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto
One hidden wiki “Tor Hidden Wiki”
Superdollars on Wikipedia
OpenBazaar could be America’s most dangerous tech startup

Names of Interesting Deep Websites (URLs change frequently):

Onion Passport Services
Bitcoin mixers – Bitcoin Fog, Bitcoin Blender, Easy Bitcoin Tumbler
Hacked BTC wallets for sale
Hidden Wiki
Middle Earth – Social media for hobbits
Bitcoin Ponzi
100x your Bitcoin
Anonymous file hosting
Deep Fruit
Football Money
Hacking Services
Anonymous Cat Facts
Silk Road 3.0
Imperial Library – 83,000 books