Episode 40 – Tulum Time Machine

The Episode:

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The Story:

Most children dream of a trip to Disneyland, or visiting Santa at the North Pole, or maybe being locked in a super toy store over night. We are all big kids and we should all be active dreamers. It took me too long to complete my dream of taking the journey to Tulum, Mexico. I had plans to go in 2008 and 2012, but cheap thrills and weak distractions would always somehow get the better of me. Not this time – 2015 is and was the year.

The ‘Ruins of Tulum’ is one of the most visited archaeological sites of Mexico. This Mayan city, is situated on the Yucatan Peninsula overlooking the Caribbean sea, now ticked off my bucket list, and should find a place on yours. Please join me as I invite you to explore new ideas and an alternative view of Tulum. I have no doubt you will share new thoughts on this amazing ancient city. Even with my high expectations, I was still taken by surprise and completely blown away.

One cannot prepare themselves for the intimate experience with this ancient world. The site is beautiful, the climate is unbearably wonderful – very hot, the beaches are magnificent and I didn’t look at my watch – not even once.

In this episode I touch on the spirituality and mention a few cultural practices of the Mayan people. I speak about their beliefs in the earth’s energy, and explore the parallels of morphic resonance, consciousness grids, and the earth grid. The Mayan people built their cities with this intention and purpose of energy communication. They held strong beliefs in keeping a connection to their planet in balance, they also believed that the Yucatan Peninsula was the centre of an energy vortex. Tulum was constructed to represent to the 5th energy chakra, the Vishuddha. The primary connection with the material realm, the speaking of truth and manifestation.

Scientists have later discovered that this area of Mexico has strong electromagnetic fields which is believed to be caused by a meteorite hitting the Yucatan Peninsula roughly 65 million years ago. Furthermore, studies found that specific Mayan cities and structures actually magnify and focus these electromagnetic fields, in particular ‘El Castillo’ (the Castle), which is the principle pyramid of Tulum. There is no doubt in my mind that electromagnetic technology was discovered, developed and utilised by the Mayan people. Where as, today in these apparent modern times we are only just discovering the healing properties for magnet therapies.

Maybe the Mayan people were not so primitive as believed.

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