Episode 30 – Illuminatus! How does the Illuminati affect our lives?

I (Kurt) have been interested in wacky conspiracy theories for years, more so after I read Robert Anton Wilson and Robert O’Shea’s book “The Illuminatus! Trilogy”, in which they compiled all the wacky conspiracy theories they received in the letter department while working at Playboy, and turned them into a brilliant work of fiction.

In more recent years, “Illuminati” has become part of the common vernacular, with many people claiming that many famous celebrities such as Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye West are initiated members. But what does it even mean to be an illuminatus?

“Illuminati” is broadly defined as any group claiming to have access to special knowledge, or claiming a special enlightenment. By that definition, there are scores of groups who could go by that title: the Alumbrados in Spain, the Knights Templar, Freemasons, the Astrum Argentum, the Ordo Templi Orientis, and of course the Bavarian Illuminati. Even the inner circle of Scientology would qualify as an illuminati. So what do people really mean when they say “Illuminati”? My guess is, they probably don’t know.

There are some people who talk about occult symbols in video clips, such as YouTuber Mark Dice. In 2014, Dice found that his channel had been suspended, and all his videos deleted. Could it be because he said something that was a little too close to the truth? Or perhaps he just pissed off the wrong YouTube staff member.

There are claims, which have been especially prominent in Britain in recent years, of Satanic cults involved in disturbing behaviour such as ritual sacrifice, cannibalism, and mass child abuse. These cults allegedly involve many members of the community: doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians… What is the basis for these claims? If these groups really do exist, could they be indicative of something even darker, even more disturbing and controlling?

It seems that nobody really knows who the Illuminati are or what their agenda is. But the least we can do is keep asking questions, keep questioning, and diving deeper down the rabbit hole, as we go into the next exciting installment of… The Paradise Paradox.

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