Episode 29 – Frequencies: Emotions, Character and Consciousness

An episode by special request.

Frequency is a measurement of place and the change over time, As your state of consciousness grows and develops, changed perception, distinct noticeable changes in awareness, knowledge of the place and modes of your mind. Generally your awareness will widen.

Awareness of your emotional state and location in your emotional cycle, will create your character and personalty. Locating your own frequency will allow you to then see your personality traits and reactive modes. further assisting in the identifying of low and high frequencies.

In this episode, Aaron gives us a run-down of his ideas about frequencies – the way we’re vibrating on the levels of our emotions, our personalities, and our reality. How can we increase our vibrations to a more positive state? How can we avoid getting fixed a particular negative frequency? Do those around you affect your vibrations in regards to your emotional state, or the spectrum of your possible personalities?

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