Flat Earthers and Globeheads – Episode 165

The Story: Easily disproven arguments about the shape of the earth

There’s one huge debate of recent years which almost nobody in the world saw coming – the debate over the shape of the earth. Flat-earthers insist that there is something fishy going on when it comes to NASA photographs and footage from other space agencies – perhaps even a conspiracy spread all over the world to prevent us knowing the true shape of the earth, dating back hundreds of years, including members of the Freemasons such as Isaac Newton, inventing brilliant lies that have confused people for generations. Even today, millions of people are confused – some are confused because of the bizarre information about the earth being flat, and others are confused because they don’t understand how anyone could believe such a thing.

The debate rages on in image boards, message boards and Facebook groups, and it seems to be no closer to reaching a conclusion. Part of the problem is, many people are have been raised believing that the earth is a globe – but never had cause to question it, or find ways to prove it. So, when the flat-earthers came along and started obsessing over it, researching for hours a day and questioning it, globe-earthers were completely intellectually unprepared. Unless you’re a physicist or have an extremely quick wit, when someone asks you to defend a belief that you’ve never had to defend… your arguments are going to be shit.

In this episode, Kurt looks at some of the arguments that come up on both sides of the debate, and why many of the common ones are easily dismissed. He also explains the best evidence he has seen so far that the earth is curved, and perhaps even spheroidal. Join us on another globe-shattering, firmament-penetrating, star-gazing episode of… The Paradise Paradox!

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