A Crowdsourced Book: Andrarchy – Episode 150

The Story: Andrew Levine explains his collaborative book project

According to modern scientific understanding, the universe came into existence billions of years ago, with matter forming and slowly moving outwards from its centre. Matter stabilised, causing stars, then planets, giving birth to amino acids, simple life forms, and eventually, human consciousness. If we trace through this story, see where things came from and we’re they’re going, would we be able to predict what comes next – what comes after human consciousness?

In this episode, Kurt continues his conversation with Andrew Levine (a.k.a. Andrarchy) about his his plan to write a book collaboratively using social media, using the mental resources of the world to support or counter his arguments, about how the universe is a process of evolving information, and where that evolution might possibly be heading. We also talk about how many people have an anthropocentric view of artificial intelligence, and the value of ideas which seem to be crazy.

Join us on another big-banging, model-developing, consciousness-expanding episode of… The Paradise Paradox!

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