Everything is information: Andrarchy – Episode 145

The Story: The evolution of everything: The philosophy of crowdism

If you’re a writer and you sit down to write a story, essay or book, as the pieces start to come together you might draw on years of experience and knowledge. The experience of depression you had when you were in college, the periods of low functionality caused by it, and the steps you took to eventually drag yourself out of it. Then, the years of reflecting on those times, and everything you read about it, and your thoughts as you attempted to process the ideas of others as they relate to what you went through.

In this episode, Kurt interviews Andrew Levine (a.k.a. andrarchy) about how the process of his life resulted in the process of writing a book, tentatively titled “The Evolution of Everything: The Philosophy of Crowdism”. Andrew explains how his epihany that “Enlightenment means freedom from genes and memes” lead him down a rabbithole, making new discoveries, until he eventually discarded the idea, and how it relates to the idea that everything is information.

Join us in the next culture-defying episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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  • Tori

    I agree with Andrew. His experience has been mine in that I never fit into the ‘consensus reality.’ I was a misfit for so many years, living with low-level depression. Later in life, I realized I was one of those ahead of the masses in ideas and consciousness. I am, however, still looking for my tribe.