L-Dixon: Believer to Atheist to Wonderer – Episode 143

The Story: Hardcore atheist goes on a spiritual quest

Many people in the world grow up with a religion, believing in a certain interpretation of God. When they get a little older and start asking questions, they might notice that those people who are supposed to be the authority on the subject don’t know quite as much as they pretended. This young truthseeker has to face the sad fact that he’s been tricked, that the world is a little different compared to what they told him in Sunday school.

Such a strong disappointment is hard to take, and may be a formative experience. Determined to avoid such feelings, he says “I’ll never be fooled again!” and, going a step further, he says “I’ll never believe in anything again!” He becomes a hardened atheist and skeptic, determined to make sure that everyone knows that magic and miracles are just for children’s stories.

The years pass by, and eventually he sees some strange things happen. He takes psychedelics, and within the course of a few hours, he sees his life from a completely different perspective. He begins to notice coincidences which make him start to question whether he’s been missing something. He’s no longer content to accept just anything, nor to reject everything. Instead, he keeps asking questions, thinking about “what if” and considering ideas “as if true”. He becomes a wonderer.

In this episode, Kurt interviews Leandrew Dixon, a man who has taken this path and enriched his life because of it. Join us both on the next paradigm-shattering episode of… The Paradise Paradox!

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