Ayahuasca Reloaded: Ayahuasca Identity – Episode 142

The Story: Ayahuasca and who you are

Taking a shamanic medicine such as ayahuasca can be an intense experience. It can also be a painful experience, and a confusing experience. These psychedelics can show us parts of ourselves that we didn’t know existed, and ask questions that we didn’t know needed answering. Ayahuasca can be tough with us, especially when you attempt to evade or deny what She’s trying to show you.

In this episode, Kurt explains the second half of his second ayahuasca journey, explaining the lessons that it taught him about identity, asking himself who he wants to be, how he wants people to see him, and which 6 interlocking stories he wants to tell himself and others to establish his sense of self. What do you want people to write on your epitaph? How can you align your life towards that purpose?

Join us on another psychedelic, self-questioning epic in the next episode of… The Paradise Paradox!

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