Code with intent: Rick Hernández – Episode 139

The Story: Entrepreneurship and coding with style

It’s been said that, within a few decades, humans will be divided into two categories: those who tell computers what to do, and those whom are told what to do by computers. Even today, learning to tell computers what to do can be a valuable skill, in monetary terms, and in terms of personal expression. For the nerds among us who have grown up using computers with enthusiasm and curiosity from a young age, learning to program can come quite naturally, but for the rest of us, it’s not so intuitive.

In this episode, Kurt interviews Rick Hernández about his business teaching people how to program, and giving them the tools they need to learn to talk to machines. We also discuss how Rick got started as an entrepreneur, machine learning, self-development and transforming from an introvert to an extrovert, and travelling around Mexico to get a different perspective on life and entrepreneurship.

Join us in the next exciting installment of The Paradise Paradox!

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