Presidential election: Two party clown show – Episode 134

The Story: 2016 Presidential election: Two party clown show

This is the weirdest election ever! It doesn’t represent the idea of a democracy at all. The idea of allowing the whole population to have a say and choose representatives, has been lost long ago and apparently to the people in power, it’s obsolete. The US ’two party system’ has nothing to do with finding the best head and body for a free country, but rather a distraction for the masses. This current US election has the taken form of a celebrity reality TV show – just with a bigger budget. Where the contestants fight their way through a series of social media obstacles to a final and super episode. The winner takes all! Payment in full of all capital invested and a director’s seat to the empire. Presidential perks accompanied with all tools of the trade, the oak Hollywood desk, a fancy white house and a panel of shiny red buttons – 50/50, ask the audience, phone a friend.

After scratching the surface, it was evident that Kurt and I shouldn’t even be talking about this – why pay attention to the charade – other than for entertainment value? But this is no joking matter. Many, many people have given their power and responsibility away to these clowns. Watching the show, believing the lies and even picking a side. Who is actually involved here? Are your bets in? Unfortunately many continue to waste their friends’ time by talking about such rubbish.

Here is the truth – if we actually lived in a civilised society, with sound values and respect for others, there would be no need to live in governed regions, where people are controlled and manipulated. In today’s situation we need to be individually micro-managed – told what to eat, told how many hours to sleep and how we should be living.

Thank God that they all have television, I would hate to see what would actually happen it they started thinking for themselves, say the ‘people in charge’.

In a civilised country, government should be quiet and gradually shrinking away. A small and productive government shouldn’t even be noticed. Honestly, I am not even sure why free and civilised people would need a government. What they might need more is the protection from the threat of government.

Take a break from the direct mind control and plug into something alternative… The Paradise Paradox!

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