Psychedelic Che Guevara Mandela Effect – Episode 130

The Story: A Che Guevara T-Shirt and questions about his past

Che Guevara is a very controversial figure. Many idolise him, many detest him, and many are left confused about the wide gap between these two points of view. Of course, many people had the incentive to lie about Che. The Cuban government wanted to present him as a hero, a warrior who fought against the oppression of foreign interests, and as a gentle soul, a doctor who wanted to heal people. The US government wanted to present him as “The Butcher of La Cabaña”, an evil, twisted, sadistic man, a fraud posing as a fighter, a heartless murderer and rapist who valued nothing more than the blood of his enemies, and his allies.

Some say that destroying the symbols of a good thing, such as hope or fortune, can have a kind of magical or psychological effect – something like the “Newspeak” discussed in George Orwell’s famous book, “1984”. If you remove the ability to discuss a certain thing, that can make it harder to think that thought. If you take a symbol such as a swastika, which was known almost all over the world as a symbol of good luck, fortune, and even God Itself, and change it to a symbol of hatred, murder, and even pure evil, how much will that serve to confuse people? And to those who still believe that Che’s was a symbol of hope, of revolution, of better things to come, if you wanted to destroy their future, would it be enough to destroy the symbol? As the saying goes, the winners write the history books. Are they still rewriting them?

In this episode we talk about Che Guevara as an icon, and discuss whether it’s possible that governments may still want to destroy it, how a Che T-shirt can apparently appear out of nowhere, and how governments may take the time to rewrite history. We also discuss Kurt’s ideas of continuing to take psychedelics, pushing the mind to new frontiers, and about bargaining in life and death situations.

Join us in the next time-shifting episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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