The most dangerous man in your world – Episode 124

The most dangerous man in your world – Episode 124

In this episode we are going for a man hunt, who is the most dangerous man in the world? In normal life, this is such a silly question, but lets play with it out. For ‘someone’ to be dangerous to you, they need to be real person that is  actually in your reality. Generally a dangerous person is someone that is able or likely to cause you harm or injury, most people will never cross paths with a  person in this category. However, television will create this concern and pump the message that terrorists are dangerous, yet I have never seen one and personally don’t know any.
Here is the idea: In my world, I am the most dangerous man in the world – this is because I am taking responsibility for the happenings within my reality. This is based on the idea that we all have our own individual created worlds, which is based on personal perspectives and belief systems.

Freedom via belief systems

In order to free our minds we must reconsider the rules of the game. We have all accepted a set of organised beliefs which guide our lives and sent the boundaries of our reality. which the majority have been passed on to us without any second thought.
Here is a definition from wikipedia: “A belief system is a set of mutually supportive beliefs. The beliefs of any such system can be classified as religious, philosophical, ideological, or a combination of these”. Another definition that might make more sense is: ‘Belief systems are the stories we tell ourselves to define our personal sense of Reality’ (Pdf).
Lets not see the world so subjective, there is no longer right and wrong, things just are as they are. Your mind can decide your preferences, you know deep in your soul that there are many paths, some easy and others hard. What you would prefer to deal with and how much you can you load your plate.

Becoming an ideas generator

Its important that we are have our own ideas and constantly have flow of fresh ideas. Free thinking opens you mind to new ideas rather than shutting down those ideas that don’t fit into your current belief systems. An open mind allows new thought to drop into your mind on a random basis. Not all ideas are unique and ideas are often not always yours. Ideas tend to be associated and are often sparked by your immediate surroundings.
Now be honest with your self, how many ideas do you have? How often does a new idea spontaneously pop up? Ideas require attention, otherwise like friends they will stop dropping in. If you are one who thinks they don’t generate many ideas, start an idea journal – you would be surprised how many ideas you have, but haven’t noticed. To help yourself join and birth more ideas – try exposing yourself to alternative topics and interest groups. This is as simple as reading genres that are not naturally on your personal list.

Bugging out on a daily basis

Bugging out concerns taking preventative planning, this is about taking your ideas and putting and creating action. How does one do this? Committing yourself your ideas with complete belief – changes the way you choose to live your life. Knowing that your idea is going to make your world better should be enough to get yourself started.
Trusting that the path is open for you to follow through will clear any speed bumps from your desired direction. The action doesn’t need to be of any great size, little steps for the greater good will open new realities. Your sheer positive intention will create the needed momentum. Being prepared for your day will take the average joe from zero to hero.
We don’t need to plan for the emergency scenario situations, at least not at first. Pack for your average day out with a few surprise items, matches, water bottle, bandaids, pair socks for your partner and your favourite machete.
One last thing once packed – don’t leave home without your day game back pack.

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