Decision maker: Getting your priorities straight – Episode 123

The Story: Travelling, making decisions, and taking responsibility for them

When people are talking about the decisions they make in their lives, it’s common for people to say things like “I should do this,” “I have to do that,” “I need to…” using many phrases that indicate an obligation. But nobody is holding a gun to their heads, so why do they say they “have to”? The fact is, it’s extremely rare that you don’t have a choice in the course of action you’re going to take. More commonly, we make choices, avoiding negative consequences or seeking positive consequences.

As an example, suppose your sister is getting married in a foreign country – which happens to be a real inconvenience for you. You don’t want to experience the negative attention that you’ll receive from your family if you decide not to go, but you also want to enjoy time with your family, and be there to support your sister in what might be one of the most important days in her life. Remember, you don’t “have to” go. You decide to go, because you decided that family is important; you decided to make family a priority, despite the inconvenience.

In this episode, Kurt and Aaron discuss the importance of taking responsibility for your own actions, remembering that it’s you who is in control of your own life, and also some interesting stories from Aaron going through airports, travelling, occasionally struggling with the company of his family, and enjoying the company of his family.

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