Peyote Spaceship: Contact With An Alien Intelligence – Part 1 – Episode 118

The Story – Contact With An Alien Intelligence:

In this episode we discuss an event which Kurt experienced while on The Paradise Paradox desert-peyote adventure. This event may be considered as ‘contact’ – where Kurt describes a communication with an alien intelligence.

Here we have part 1 of a 2 part episode, where we discuss several important ideas to think about when considering that we may not be alone in this universe. Standing amongst the vastness of the desert and witnessing the endless stars above, one is left feeling very small, and it was hard to believe that we are the only ones here. Under the influence of peyote and feeling the presence of life all around you in every direction – it became very obvious that we were not.

Assuming that we are not alone, and assuming that we are quite primitive in comparison to other intelligent life, would an alien intelligence even notice us, or be bothered to contact us. Or better, how would they choose to make contact? How would they say, “hello”?

Returning to early communication methods, almost seems silly. However, a European on a hill doesn’t expect communication from a foreign race to come from a smoke signal. Radio waves could be equally unexpected to an extraterrestrial civilisation. And a lost human in the desert doesn’t expect communication from alien life to come from manipulation of light, or manipulation of time. But, perhaps, this is exactly how interdimensional life would need to communication, via manipulation of energy with no shared material, then of course we must consider communication through hallucinations caused by psychedelic medicine.

Strap in for an overdose of reality shifting and dimension bending story time – a true account from The Paradise Paradox peyote diary.

Here’s a disclaimer: We’re not in any way recommending or endorsing any psychedelics, nor that you do anything illegal. Brains can be delicate things. If you’re going to do anything like this, have a look at this article from our friend Maverick about some tips on what to do and what not to do.

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The Episode:

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