Peyote Trip Overview: San Luis Potosí – Episode 117

The Episode – Peyote Trip Overview:

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The Story:

For centuries, millenia, or perhaps since there was no time, people have been taking journeys out into the desert of Mexico to take the sacred medicine known as “peyote”.

If you’re willing to go out into the desert and take the adventure of a lifetime, as the sun starts to go down, you might start to see the shadows of spirits stretching out from the horizon – fallen Aztec warriors, and forgotten kings and queens still sitting on their thrones, perhaps not knowing their empires are now long gone. Who is waiting out there to meet you? Will you have the courage to say “Hello”?

In this episode we describe an adventure we took out into the desert of San Luis Potosí, to stretch the boundaries of our minds. We hope you’ll join us on a brain-bending journey on this episode of The Paradise Paradox!

Here’s a disclaimer: We’re not in any way recommending or endorsing any psychedelics, nor that you do anything illegal. Brains can be delicate things. If you’re going to do anything like this, have a look at this article from our friend Maverick about some tips on what to do and what not to do.

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