Episode 116 – Two Conceptions of Capitalism

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The Story:

In this episode Kurt and I are at the central bus station of Guadalajara, Mexico. We were patiently waiting to begin our voyage to San Luis Potosi – for a great adventure exploring the worlds of natural medicine. This episode is a captured conversation started by few Aussie friends that visited the week before, they had some very interesting questions about today’s society.
Many young adults ask questions like, why does the government need to privatise public services? examples of these services may be medical, electricity, transport, and water? and of course the bloody roads. These concerns are based on the already poor quality services at high tax costs and this instills a negative outlook on the future. To further this issue, it is widely known and understood that private companies, which buy these services, must put the interests of shareholders first. This is because of the inherent nature of business and the human component rarely becomes a concern, let alone a priority.
Our society has been conditioned to believe that this is all part of capitalism, MacDonalds, Starbucks and greedy governments. History can teach us many lessons and like all power structures, there is a common natural evolution; to increase in size, centralise power and incubate corruption. However as most young folks attended public schooling they tend to have a shallow and selected view of history, they look to the other side as the solution – Socialism.
In this episode we discuss a true capitalism, which is based on a free market system powered by sound money (Gold, Silver, Bitcoin). Advancements in information technology is opening a new world of commerce as well as new options for governance. Where all people can have an equal say and can be involved in shaping society. Our future civilisations will be empowered and united, government as we know it today will be a memory and a laugh, somewhat like the stone age. For the meantime understand that today’s government bodies do not require our full attention, as these structures are on limited time and out of gas.

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